HomeQube DAO
Welcome to HomeQube, where real estate meets YOU. Explore a world of groundbreaking opportunities with our cutting-edge crowdfunding platform and DAO hub. Break free from traditional investment barriers, participate in decentralized governance, and turn your real estate visions into reality. Join the movement, invest with transparency and security, and become a driving force in reshaping the future of property investment. HomeQube — Transforming Real Estate, Empowering You.
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Our DAO is a Vote to Earn Performance System made for various Financial Products on solving home shortages, and its members are Project centric based below. Below are our sNFT issued by Homeqube.


Decentralized Finance (Type 1 & 2)

Open to Accredited and Retail investors depending on respective Project Investment Funds involving Real Estate Hospitality Projects, and Room Rights Contracts.

Product: Fund call for retail only. Project Updates.


Welfare Finance (Type 3)

Derivative membership rights on cases of Income or Job loss.

Product: WeFi Fund Call. Project updates.


Regenerative Finance (Type 4)

Community Fund Pooling for Housing Needs, with varied Housing spend allocations, and respective membership requirements.

Product: Refi Fund Call. Membership Beneficiary Updates.

Propose a Real Estate project on blockchain with HomeQube DAO

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Enforce decisions with smart contracts, removing the need for human intervention.

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Remove barriers with globally accessible and non-discriminating infrastructure.

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Eliminate single points of failure by building on unstoppable networks.

The Power of Participation

Explore the synergy of participation and decision-making on HomeQube. With `'`Fund Calls,`'` you fuel the growth of curated real estate projects, and `'`Vote Calls`'` offer a channel for your insights to resonate in the project`'`s journey. It`'`s more than investment—it's a partnership in shaping the landscape of real estate.

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Fund Call
A fund call is a process where real estate developers present their projects to potential investors for funding

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Our KYC process is designed to be straightforward and secure. To participate in HomeQube DAO, you will be asked to provide specific identification documents per Project Prospectus

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Government-issued ID

The submitted ID is thoroughly examined for authenticity and compliance with established standards. Key information, such as name, date of birth, ID number, and photo, is compared with the participants self-declared information.

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Investment Declaration

Participants may be required to declare that they understand the risks associated with real estate investments and that they are investing their own funds.

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NFT Wallet Verification

Participants are required to provide the public address of their NFT wallet to verify ownership. The wallet should be compatible with the standards used by the project for access to the NFT-based Project Prospectus.