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This proposal is to create a new sustainable typology of eco-tourism which is uplifting local culture of farming and fisheries but also creating a unique way of construction, food-production, leisure and having an ecology that is both community-building as much as dynamic spaces for living and tourism.

100 Locations around the Philippines
Project Type
Equity and Leasehold
Atleast 15% IRR
Estimated returns
$5000 / NFT
Estimated amount

Project Information

Philippines being a country of 7,641 islands - how can we create and celebrate local farm and fishing industries and integrate the programmatic and cultural context into the architecture that promotes livelihood, tourism, food-production and leisure that could be essentially sprawled out as a unit-system, pre-fabricated set of parts that could grow horizontally or vertically. We want to clearly explore these inherent values of locality and sense of place in a more ethical way of development.

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