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This proposal is to create a new sustainable typology of eco-tourism which is uplifting local culture of farming and fisheries but also creating a unique way of construction, food-production, leisure and having an ecology that is both community-building as much as dynamic spaces for living and tourism.

Cagbalete, Philippines
Project Type
Equity and Leasehold
Atleast 15% IRR
Estimated returns
$5000 / NFT
Estimated amount

Project Information

Philippines being a country of 7,641 islands - how can we create and celebrate local farm and fishing industries and integrate the programmatic and cultural context into the architecture that promotes livelihood, tourism, food-production and leisure that could be essentially sprawled out as a unit-system, pre-fabricated set of parts that could grow horizontally or vertically. We want to clearly explore these inherent values of locality and sense of place in a more ethical way of development.

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Awards and Distinctions

Filipino architect Carlo Calma of Carlo Calma Consultancy has done the unprecedented by nabbing wins at 2021 WAFX Awards, one for Food (Cagbalete Sand Clusters) and for Construction Technology.